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An Unexpected Ally

I wanted to quickly take this opportunity to formally introduce you to Ms. Saboteur.

I think you two may have gotten off on the wrong foot?

First, as unlikely as it may seem… she’s here to help.

In fact, you may not have a more tenacious ‘has your back’ ally, than Ms. Saboteur.

Yes, her methods are a little unsavory… lurking in the shadows + pouncing when you feel at your weakest.

Yet that dear one, is her gift to you.

As she only pounces in the moments (big + small) where you find yourself at the precipice of deciding between safety and growth.

And although it’s hard to imagine she’s on your side as she deftly unleashes all your self-sabotaging ways like an unrelenting ninja…

she knows that it’s precisely when you no longer get caught up in those stories that no longer serve — that you’ll leap to your next level of growth.

Ms. Saboteur is helping you learn how to deflect + step past what no longer serves, so you can step into + embrace your what’s next.

She’s just got a tough-love + somewhat diabolical approach, that’s all.


So the next time Ms. Saboteur pounces, I invite you to consider:

Graciously saying hello.

Thanking her for how consistently she’s always had your back.

And then,

Taking a moment to find out WHY she’s there.

What set her off?

What precipice of opportunity is right in front of you?

What is the easy/safe (staying small decision) you’re almost defaulting into considering?

And what does the go big, growth, scary decision look like?

What old story is she trying to help you let go of so you can move forward to your next level — to that growth?

The whole time she’s unleashing those self-sabotaging stories, she’s praying you’ll let them glance off you like water on a ducks back, and take YOUR LEAP.


Helene Scott

  • Faari Akinola

    Awesome Helene, Awesome…I met Ms Saboteur lately and i didnt like her… that’s when I found you!

    Well done…Am definately one of your people!

    • Thrilled our orbits intersected. A little hip-sway and foot stompin’ Huzzah! Welcome! xoxo

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