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Before creating any new piece of content or offering — START WITH LOVE

As service-driven solopreneurs we often find ourselves in a bit of a catch-22. On the one hand we’re highly creative, multi-passionate folks, with the very real need to create a profitable business + the necessary drive to tackle the realities of building an online business. On the other hand we are heart-wide-open types — crafting […]

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How to choose a domain name for your business when first starting out

“Should I use my name or a business name as my domain for my business?” Being in the business of helping daring female solopreneurs build a BRAND ON PURPOSE… I hear this question A LOT! The process of choosing your domain name can be downright debilitating when you’re first starting out — with years working […]

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FREE isn’t enough :: Why a quality OPT-IN is critical to building your personal brand

We’re bombarded DAILY with pulls for our attention from every angle. Digital content is racing by, and the difficulty of keeping up with our in-box — increasing at a stupefying rate. PEOPLE ARE WEARY of adding one more demand on their attention. The act of opting-in to a list is no longer a quick decision. […]

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Why STARTING WITH WHY is critical to building a business that STANDS OUT

As a creative professional adventuring within the entrepreneurial space for over 15 years — it wasn’t till I began to peel away the layers to this seemingly simple question posed by Simon Sinek… WHAT IS YOUR WHY? …that I experienced a profound -hallelujah with rays shining down- discovery around the symbiotic relationship of who I am in the […]

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