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BOP 014: Comfort Zones equal Entrepreneurs Purgatory

Feb 7, 2017 | Inspiration, Gumption & Mindset, the BOPCAST

The comfort zone is where our stories that hold us back await with cozy blankets and hot cocoa. They’ll lure you to remain… it’s safe after all, but doing so puts you at great peril of never realizing your larger vision.

In this episode I went out on a bit of a vulnerability limb in using a very concrete example of a story I’ve been telling myself… a self-identification that I hadn’t realized just how detrimental it was, safe yes, but holding me back.

As a brand and alignment coach, a lot of the conversations I have with my clients focuses on mindset– the bravery, the vulnerability, the grit, the gumption– and what it takes to actually put your “thing” (whatever that “thing” may be) out into the world.

In this episode, I’m discussing the constant journey in, and out of our comfort zones and the stories we tell ourselves that get in our way. What I love about this topic is that it puts the power in our hands; we have the choice on how we’re going to show up.

We have a comfort zone that is so cozy to stay in, but the flipside is that if we don’t go past the comfort zone (and don’t take that leap), then we’re stuck in that pretty horrific space of purgatory: on our ideas not being realized, on never knowing whether the “thing” we wanted to do, could have taken off or not.

In this episode…

  • I share a vulnerable reveal of a (self-identification) story I told myself for so long that was like a shield of armor and protection…a place of comfort for sure.
  • How these types of self-identifications/stories that we create for ourselves allow us to to lean upon them in a crutch-like manner when facing resistance in doing something outside our comfort zone
  • Why it’s a continuous discovery to look at your patterns, look at your stories, and the way you’re holding yourself back.

And some questions to ponder…

  • Within your own life and business, where are areas that you’ve been playing it a little bit safe?
  • Are there stories (or self-identifications) that you are telling yourself, that you’re hiding behind, that are not true and therefore holding you back?

Bottom line if you find yourself repeatedly hitting up against certain patterns that are holding you back, then it’s time to make a choice…

Will you do the work to find your way past them, or not?

Not means hanging out in entrepreneurs purgatory for a spell,

and I KNOW you don’t want to be there.

With hands extended, I hope you’ll join me on the flip-side were, yeah… it’s a bit scary… but crazy rewarding too.


Helene Scott

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