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Do I REALLY need an opt-in?

So, the answer to, “Do I really need an opt-in?” is…

Yes. No. It depends


As I stated above, the opportunities are vast — but until you have an opt-in that’s in full alignment with you and your biz — there’s a good chance it will be a source of frustration, and either not attracting many people OR attracting people who aren’t actually a good fit for you and your biz.

So the first step is being CLEAR what it is you want to be doing, then figuring out how your ‘signature’ opt-in supports that.

At the same time take a moment to decide what the goal of your opt-in is.

As I said in the video…

I think an opt-in transcends list building.

Yes, that’s one of the side effects, but perhaps the goal of one of your opt-ins is testing an offering, or connecting deeper with your tribe, or…

For example, the How to BRAND on PURPOSE Live training that I do just a few times a year is a week long and most of the participants are already on my list.

One of the main intentions for me within that training is to connect deeply and help profoundly those who come to play.

I also know from doing many of these ‘pop-up style’ immersive LIVE workshops, that it’s fabulous way for those on my list to get an accurate + visceral feeling/experience of who I am, how I show up and what part I might play in full support along their business building adventure.


If you’re currently in a state of frustration around your opt-in, Click on over here where I walk through a place to start.


To your epic OPT-IN building adventure!

Helene Scott


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  • Ashley J. Long

    That was so well said! It took me a few years to really figure out my opt in and I too hated the idea that it was a “bribe”…but it is one of the hardest things to figure out and your explanation was very helpful!

    • Yay Ashley, so thrilled you figured out your opt-in (it really can be hard to find!)… and I so appreciate knowing my explanation was helpful! xo!

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