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The trick (and first step) to creating a personal brand business (that attracts your perfect-fit people) is to show up YOU.

When you master that, and are in alignment with your business offerings, not only does your brand become magnetic to the very people you most want to work with… you are — actively & purposefully — building your business YOUR way, on YOUR terms. A concept that seems straight forward enough, but can be elusive when you’re out there in the day-to-day of building your business.

So how do you achieve that first step? Or even know what it means for you to “show up you” ?!

The good news is that entrepreneurship is a crash course in self awareness, providing you with limitless opportunities to deepen your connection (& understanding) with who you are and what you want to be in this world. And it’s THAT very ‘rite of passage’ which in turn will help you in the discovery of what it means for YOU, to show up you (a completely unique recipe for each of us).

In this episode I walk you through a few tools to discover and harness the power of bringing YOU into your personal brand business.

  • Learn your Creative Process (and don’t work against it)
  • Setting up your boundaries (that specifically support that creative process)
  • Ruthlessly take care of yourself (honor your creative process, who you are and how you want to show up)

Be relentlessly true to the unequivocal you

…give yourself (and your people the gift) of showing up unequivocally YOU (and you WILL attract your perfect-fit clients).


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