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FOMO :: What to do when Fear Of Missing Out plagues you

When I first heard the word FOMO, I couldn’t help but immediately associate it with the term MOFO…cuz when you’re experiencing FOMO, it will haunt you like a MOFO.

If left unchecked FOMO packs quite a punch in this online marketing world where skillful marketers and the latest trend fly past your inbox –DAILY– promising to cure what ails you.

And sometimes it is the cure, but sometimes it’s not!

So…what to do when FOMO plagues you?…

  • I LOVE this Helene! FOMO is in the air right now, eh? I had a similar train of thought this week, specifically about investing in online courses in a blog post I shared yesterday :)

  • Beth Rees

    Thank you for this! Struggle of the juggle. Love it!

    • You’re welcome Beth! Glad it resonated. xo!

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