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Are you giving away too much FREE content in your OPT-IN?

An opt-in is a simple + powerful opportunity for you to connect with your people.

An opportunity to introduce who you are, how you show up + what you do…

in a service based
(they’re getting what they truly need from that opt-in)

form of respect
(making it EASY for them to decide if you’re the one for them or not)

that lines up in a fluid path to the rest of what you offer.
(making it the perfect introduction + example of how else you can be of service to them)

And so the question of whether you may be giving away too much free content in your opt-in becomes irrelevant.

The question is…

Are you providing an aligned path?



how much you give away

whether it’s an audio, video, ebook, pdf, checklist or challenge

whether it’s an email campaign, behind closed doors on a membership site or sitting in a dropbox

It matters whether it lines up with you, your brand + your biz offerings.

Spend time on that, and you’ll have an OPT-IN that’s on point,
attracting and converting your perfect fit people.

Not sure where to start? I’ve got a little something for you!



Helene Scott


:: How to decide what your OPT-IN should be (Hint: the clue is hidden in your brand story)

:: Are you building your list with opt-in bribes? (BRIBE does NOT equal TRIBE)

:: FREE isn’t enough :: Why a quality OPT-IN is critical to building your personal brand



  • sundaebean

    Very good reminder Helene! Thank you.There is so much conflicting advice out there, it is refreshing to just sink back into ourselves and ask – does this feel right. So much wisdom there.

    • You are SO welcome!. Thrilled it resonated and allowed a reminder to ASK + TRUST yourself. That right there is the secret sauce to building a sustainable (for you) business. xo!

  • This was a fantastic video Helene! So clear, right on and true!!! Thank you for adding that to your battle cry!

    • I do keep adding to my battle cry’s don’t I Monicka?! Thank you + you’re welcome. xo!

  • Sonia Plouffe

    Merci! Very good clues for me :)

  • This was so clarifying and helpful. Just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you, Helene!

    • You are so welcome Nanci… can’t tell you how gratifying it is to hear it resonated at JUST the right time. I LOVE serendipity! xo!

  • Heidi Skye Keller

    The gears are turning in my brain! I loved your comment about your opt-in also gives your tribe the experience of working with you and shows them how you show up. That is part of the alignment too. Thanks for another great video!

    • LOVE inspiring the motion of gears! ;) — I’m amazed at the stronghold in the industry on keeping the conversation of opt-ins only about list growth and numbers, etc.

      It can be SO MUCH MORE, thrilled this is resonating! xo

  • Teresa Capaldo

    SNAP! You speak my lingo Helene and I Thank you! I’m so tired of the model of ‘should’s’ for list building and other business strategies — one size does NOT fit all, no matter how great the founders content is!!!

    • Indeed one size DOES not fit all, and I am tired of it and… I’ve decided I’m about to make a bit of a ruckus about the whole thing. ;) — Love playing in this space with you lady! xo.

  • Wonderful advice, I don’t currently have an opt-in, I just offer a monthly update email. I am working on it though.

    • Awesome Krystal… if you get stuck at all, reach out! xo, h

  • Excellent point(s). I agree. And like Teresa wrote, I greatly dislike “shoulds” (I make a ruckus about it, too). It totally depends on you and your people.

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