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Circling? How to BRAND when you keep changing your mind

In your first years as on online business builder when there’s a whole lotta testing + pivoting going on…

:: WHAT your offering is

:: HOW you message + market that particular flavor of what

:: WHO your people are (and where the heck do you find them!)

You may feel much like a dog circling round n’ round in search of that elusive sweet spot before settling in.

And in that pursuit of your sweet spot business you may very well change
the what/how/who (a few times over).

Do not fret over what ‘others may perceive’ as you’re immersed in your delicious pursuit.

Allowing yourself to evolve…to change your offerings, who you serve, + what you do — so it lines up with who you are (and want to be) in this world — is hands down the best way to build that business you alone where born to create, while serving the ones you most want to work (+ play) with.

So how do you deal with the change?…

RECAP on maintaining your brand, message + connection while you + your online biz EVOLVE.

Hunker down + DO THE WORK of knowing YOU

Starting your own business is hands down one of the fast tracks to inner-growth.

There are many upsides to that, but from a branding + business building point of view it means: the sooner you gain that clarity, the brighter that alignment emanates from you. The brighter the alignment, the quicker you begin attracting your ‘perfect fit people.’

It’s a symbiotic force of nature that when you come from that place of alignment,
your people feel it. Period.

When you change things up, you WILL lose people

This is how it goes, and it’s not only okay… it’s ideal.

You don’t want to waste anyone’s time (theirs or yours) if what you’re doing is no longer of service to them.

The UNEXPECTED ally in all of this is your OPT-IN

Ahhh, opt-ins…If created purposefully, they’re the perfect introduction to YOU, what you do and how you can best serve your ideal customer. They set the tone for how you communicate, how you show up and the platforms you use. They help solve the issue your ideal customer is in need of. They help build your list… (I could go on and on).

But what most people don’t realize is that…

When you know a change is coming — you can use your OPT-IN as both a testing and purposeful messaging tool, to point towards the NEW PATH you’re going down.

If it’s an OPT-IN with (and on) PURPOSE, the people opt-ing in are doing so because they’re interested in your new path… making it the perfect bridge to use anytime you have a little twist coming down the pike.

Bottom Line?


You, your messaging + your business WILL evolve as you spin round a few times in the exquisite pursuit of your sweet spot business. Enjoy the ride.


Never forget the mighty power of an opt-in as you test out your new ideas + find your glorious people.



To your exquisite pursuit!


Helene Scott

  • Maggie Luther

    Great video- Helene. Going into my 3rd year in business, I had no idea I would be where I am today (and still ever evolving). My biggest worry is exactly what you said at the end- but what will they think of me. And the reality is, if they don’t jive with what I am transforming into, the irony is that they probably won’t think of me at all :) But in all seriousness, being true and authentic, like you said, is what it is all about. You can’t stop yourself from changing because someone may not like you.

    • Thanks Maggie! I think this is one of the ‘hushed’ areas of online business building — the FACT that it takes awhile to truly find what you’re going to build, and that most of the time where you end up is NOT what you thought it was going to be.

      I’m thrilled that you’re dropping the heavy weight of ‘what will they think’ — your right people will be thrilled (and so will you!). Lovely to see your face again! xo, H

  • Overdue on creating an opt in of value. Without any doubt I have it. I know my gift. I simply don’t know who it’s best intended or purposefully created for. (I’ve been circling now for about 7 years. Started with speaking, created a nonprofit, for 3 years intuitivally knew that wasn’t the playground for me, and back to personal brand with speaking and perspective training) I’m wired for surprise parties almost to a fault. Being the celebrant and the surprise guest with gift of awareness, perspective and perseverance tip seems to be much easier for me than hosting the party lol. (however, if I’m ever going to find the sweet spot and experience the abundance of it in every energetic way as a business (financially being energy I’m lowest in) I would be most elated and grateful! Looking forward to your party and the surprises contained within to settle me into that CLEAR sweet spot :D

    • Hello Denise! LOVE getting to know you in the training this week — hoping it’s bringing you some of the clarity you seek. You’re so on the right path! xo, H

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