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The awesome thing is that there are so many choices of platforms and modalities to connect and engage with your people.

And the hard thing is — there are so many choices!

(with new options cropping up all the time to boot).

On top of that the question isn’t just as simple as whether to try something out, there’s the whole technical side of it, and whether it’s actually a match for you, your business model and you brand.

So, should you try live streaming, or webinars or…?

My short answer… YES.

My video answer tells you about my periscope experience and the advice I gave a biz friend who wants to get into a form of live streaming to connect, but the barrier to entry just feels so dang big!

…and another thing re: live streaming

I do think this space is exciting and that for many personal brand businesses it will offer up an incredible opportunity to connect authentically with their people.

But it has to match with you, your biz model and your brand story.

It simply will not be for everyone.

For myself, now that Facebook has opened up the functionality of live broadcasting to the masses (it was for big name brands only at first) — I’ll definitely be trying it out.

Do I have all sorts of ideas on how I could use it?

Of course!

Will I start small and quietly?
or as I like to say, Test + Pivot…

You bet.

Because I know myself.

I’m a playful, sensitive, introvert.

And I know it’ll be a heckuva lot more fun if I get to do it first in a setting with people I know.

I’ll be relaxed. I’ll get to geek/learn/experience how it works. I’ll get to ask the people I’m testing it out with about their experience.

How/where will I do it? Well, I’m lucky enough to have the BOP Collective membership community where our stomping ground is already within a private Facebook Group.

I know these women, they know me — so it’s a perfect place for me to do a workshop, or Q&A session as I test + pivot — figuring out how (and if) I’ll take it live within my public facing space on Facebook.

pssst. If you’re wanting to try out Facebook Live Streaming and don’t have a current group, create a temporary one — invite your best biz friends — have fun + see if this whole Live Streaming thing may be a fit for you… or not.

So… Is there something you’ve been dying to try out and the hurdle of which one, or the technical aspects have felt just too big?

Tell me in the comments… I’d love to help!


Helene Scott

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