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BOP 015: Interior Designer Rachel Moriarty on Becoming Successful with Facebook Live (even as an introvert)

Feb 14, 2017 | Solopreneur BIZ Building, the BOPCAST

A little surprising to find out Rachel Moriarty is an introvert given her huge success with her daily (yep, daily) design riffs, and that right there is the golden nugget of this episode.

She found her sweet spot in the most unexpected place and it’s exploded her business as a result, listen in and hear it for yourself.

In this episode, I speak with Rachel Moriarty, a resident of San Diego who took the leap from corporate banking to growing her design firm full time. As you’ll note from our banter and ease, we know each other well, as she’s been a client and currently a member of The BOP Collective community.

Rachel had been Testing & Pivoting during her first year of biz in finding the best way to engage and communicate with clients online. A self-proclaimed introvert, Rachel had an unexpected “divine download” to get in front of the camera through Facebook Live. And as it turned out, she uncovered her “sweet spot” through video blogging… which would have never happened had she not left the safety of her comfort zone and tried it out!

Throughout the conversation Rachel will provides us some oh-so-valuable tips and tricks around getting the most out of Facebook Live (and I share a super helpful –and somewhat sneaky– tip for testing before I go live), but a tremendous takeaway in sharing her story is ‘real world’ example & lesson of Testing & Pivoting.

As you’re listening to this episode, I’d love if if you took the opportunity to sit and reflect on the ways YOU can test and pivot. Where can you try out different things in order to reveal your sweet spot?

Through her willingness to try new things – even outside her comfort zone – she increased her momentum, opened new doors and changed the trajectory of her business. While she continues to serve her design clients (to which she doesn’t even need to pitch jobs anymore…they’re coming to her with the ask), other opportunities are exploding from this experience!

Listen in and take lots of notes…..hope you enjoy!


Helene Scott


Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • From “designer to designated driver” — Rachel reveals how her “30-Day challenge” on FB Live came to life
  • The ways in which FB Live elevated her in the interior design industry and continues to engage her with her audience.
  • How to stand out and succeed on FB Live
  • Some tips around framing, lighting & camera placement (she used to be a stylist, so the lady knows her stuff!)
  • What to do pre-filming, during filming and re-purposing your content
  • Why low engagement in your FB biz page is actually a good thing as you’re going live (especially for us introverts)


Huge Announcement for BOPCAST!

I’m super excited to share with you some new formats that I’m bringing to the show! In addition to my “solo riffs” and “hotseat coaching,” we’ll also hear from experts in their field (such as copywriters, launch specialists, etc.), and other times the conversations will feature fellow entrepreneurs (like this episode) who’ll share an experience that I know will be of benefit to us all!


Links & Mentions From This Episode:

All things Rachel…

A BOPCAST episode that ties in mighty nice with this one…

I know there’s a ton of great content to choose from in this online biz building space, and here you are listening to mine!

Honored, Humbled & oh-so Grateful.

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