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I ask a lot questions in the pursuit of identifying your why.

Why do you do what you do?

Why are you so compelled to serve YOUR people?

Why is the problem you help them with so important for you?

What through-line experiences have brought you to this point?

Make no mistake…your answers are the ‘secret weapon’ to your personal brand.

But it’s more than that…


I ask these questions because it’s in the answers that you’ll define your core beliefs, your battle cry’s, your what you stand for’s. I ask these questions because it’s in the lining up of those answers (your why) with what you’re doing (your services) that become both the foundation + fuel you need to go the long haul on this entrepreneurial journey.


And so…

Discovering your why is not a one time identification and you’re done. It’s a continuous inquiry.

Because you’re human
You’re growing + evolving

So when those moments come where you feel the alignment is off between your why + what you’re doing in your business.

Dig deep + make the necessary changes.

This is YOUR business and you owe it to yourself to go after what it is YOU want. Period.

A quick [2ish min] Public Service Announcement re: just that.


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