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This is for all you service driven, heart-wide open lovelies in the pursuit of building the business of your exquisite + daring design.

I’m drawing the line, standing on my soapbox, and have my bullhorn set to 11.

I’m standing up for the sensitive + intuitive ones and calling out the BULLIES of this online biz/marketing space — who use fear based, psychological + persuasion marketing to ‘convince’ you that you NEED their thing, otherwise… “you must really not want to have a successful business” or “you’re an idiot” if you don’t do this one thing that guarantees this, that and the other thing.


If your business model is one where you truly want to build a tribe, a community of people that you SERVE + CONNECT with, then going about list building as a numbers game with opt-in bribes as your mindset, equals a very disconnected (or no) tribe.

When you create your opt-in as a means to your list building ends, you miss out on the amazing opportunity it offers to connect with your people.

Forget about the numbers.
Make it for your people. Period.

Shed the industry shackles and mindset of lack and rapid list growth, and simply create an opt-in that’s primary existence in life is to SERVE the needs of the one’s you most want to work with.

Making delivery format, what it’s called, how much content you’re give away, what it looks like and all the other myriad of second-guesses…. totally and completely secondary.

If it serves…
you’ve done your job.

You’ve done the job of introducing YOU, what you bring to the table and the
unique way you alone can work them.

Now that’s an OPT-IN on PURPOSE!


Want to create that kind of opt-in? One that’s in total alignment with you, your brand + biz offerings?

Then it’s time dear one, to BOP your OPT-IN!



To your epic OPT-IN building adventure!

Helene Scott[hr]


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