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Do you view doubt in your business as a bad thing?

As an Entrepreneur you have zero assurances. You have no idea whether your idea will work, or not.

So you leap with your vision as fuel.

A thrilling, highly charged, empowering and creative place to be… that will always be accompanied by doubt. 

Luckily, how you decide to greet doubt in your business is totally up to you. As a Biz & Brand Alignment coach I see it time and again with my clients (and myself) the tremendous shift that happens when you acknowledge the doubt as it arises, but stop letting it take control. The very act of not giving it any power in itself dissuades the situation.

And it is in that moment that you actively invite the continued evolving of you and your business — which will always equate in a brand that is undeniably magnetic to your perfect-fit people.

In this episode I offer up a little re-frame on doubt… introducing a different take on what this unlikely muse has to offer (you and your biz).


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