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Let me guess…

Deep down — since you were young — you’ve felt inexplicably unique.

That the tune to which you skipped, shimmied + jammed through life was slightly dissonant, irregular and daring in comparison to those around you.

That you were meant (like TRULY meant) for…something.

Something more. Something different. Something bigger then your circumstances, experiences + horizons revealed. But what?!?!!

You didn’t know what to do with this feeling. It exhilarated you + burdened you.

When confessed quietly, carefully, to a special someone, it simply never landed right.

You never could explain this amorphous knowing without it coming out confused, convoluted, and a bit — crazy.

So you closed in around it, protected it, and over time — chalked up those recurring electric spikes of wonder (and passion) — as theories, delusions + visions — of grandeur.


But then…

Something happened, a shift, an “it was meant to be” occurrence that showed you a door you’d never seen. It beckoned. You strode up, flung it wide and…

You never stood a chance.

The serendipitous blast of entrepreneurial stardust hit you square in the heart, mind + soul. And the romance of a lifetime began.
Oh, it was a wildly intoxicating time.

You immersed yourself in the ways of this vast new space — studying, learning, discussing, pondering, mulling — notebooks were filled, wine/coffee/beer/tea/cocktails were drunk — all in search for that elusive sweet spot of combining that which you knew to be true (your soul), with a solid business model (your mind) + the people that you most want to serve (your heart).

And then…


It hit. The glorious ah-hah! of what the business of your most daring design would be.

[highlight]Sparks flying. Heart, mind + soul SOARING — you. went. for. it.[/highlight]

Time passed and with it the initial rapture of the ah-hah!, but the romance never waned.

No. In fact, you’re so in love with entrepreneurship that you forgive it’s bumpy and seemingly insensitive ways. You forgive it’s unnerving ability to bring you to your knees with crushing self-doubts + maddening second guesses.

For it’s no longer your first rodeo, and you’ve come to realize that it is in those bumps + lows that your muse bursts forth, re-kindling that old honeymoon fervor — just enough — to catalyze your next bold move, and that, like the phoenix — your ability to re-invent — is never ending.

You are an entrepreneur!

And are doing exactly what you’re meant to in the world.

For that I offer you a low bow, a flourishing hat tip and an ecstatic, foot stomping, Huzzah! For I know you well dear one — as YOU ARE THE HEART of my own entrepreneurial love story — and the inspiration for the business of my most daring design.



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