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As highly creative people, both our super power (and kryptonite), are the gazillion ideas ricocheting through our heads.

The herculean task in front of us, is learning how to harness that rampaging idea generator.

If we don’t, it WILL take us on an exhausting (+ not so joyous) ride.

If you often find yourself in a mad spin over the massive amount of potential paths you could take in your business, you need to learn the skill of machete editing, and then…

and be open to the outcome

The ONLY way to know if the ideas in your head are viable for you, your business and the people you most want to serve — is to actually try them.

The best way to do that without breaking bank or wasting time — is to test.

This weeks Brand On Purpose tip is an open-book case study on how a recent test grew enough to demand a pivot.

BRAND ON PURPOSE tip #005 :: TEST + be open to the outcome


  • I wrote a blog post about it, generating a lot of positive feedback.
  • Which inspired me to expand the content into a live event workshop so I could help people while they were learning this (new for most) angle of thinking about their opt-in.
  • This opt-in strategy was SO ON PURPOSE for me, my brand + biz — I tripled my list in 4 months, bringing in my exact right people.
  • I immediately saw that as an opportunity to add a layer of ‘open-book’ (or under the kimono) to the training so I could point out to the participants of the training WHERE I was employing the exact suggestions I was making within the content.
  • As the rich interaction continued through the Facebook group, I saw exactly where I could expand upon the training to fill in any gaps.
  • Because of that the training became bigger than I’d originally set out to create and I had to make the decision of whether to keep as is, or allow myself to make it even better.



Because I tested:
I gained the necessary intel to find out if the idea was viable.

Because I was open to the outcome:
Once I saw where it needed to go I pivoted immediately (even though it wasn’t my first intention) and have turned a test into a premium product that will continue to expand and serve my people.



What idea could you possibly test right now?


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