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You’re an entrepreneur, new ideas are hatchin’ all the time so for Mr. Rogers sake don’t squash em’ before they’ve even had a chance!

Recap + additional thoughts around the proper care (+feeding) of new ideas
Watch out for the tendency to categorize and immediately make your new ideas into a ‘thing’ before they’ve had time to find their legs.

Sometimes an idea was never to meant to be fully realized in the way it first came to you, rather a catalyst for something else. Giving them time to find their place and remaining open to ‘who they’ll be when they grow up‘ will often reward you with something even better.

On the topic of speaking your idea aloud, too early.

I’m sure you’ve experienced excitedly expressing a new idea to someone to only have it smothered + squashed with questions that bring it from tingly-dream-magical-possibility state to cold-defeated-deflated state with questions like, “how will it work? how will you make money? you’ve never done this, what makes you think you can?”


Those questions are kryptonite for magical first stage ideas, and should be shown the door, immediately!

Learn the practice of keeping new ideas safe up in your magical possibility garden in the clouds as it finds it’s place + wings. Only begin saying it out loud when those types of questions (from yourself and others) can be met without shaking your feelings around them.


Give your new ideas space + time to safely hatch and grow strong, before they take flight.

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