I’m woefully enamored with those who dare to go after that thing.

That idea, that vision, that dream.

I am moved on a deeply visceral level when I see someone in full alignment, doing exactly what they’re meant to do. 

It’s always a rays-shining-down experience.

It doesn’t matter the person, or the thing they do. It’s the honor (and gift) of witnessing someone with the guts, gumption and daring, to take a chance and go after their thing.

At a certain point I realized, those who dare greatly—like you— are the very people I most want to work, serve (& play) with.

Who do I work with?

Intuitive Women Biz Builders. The Dreamers, Healers and Creatives who see things differently & feel things deeply.

The Magical Misfits who ZIG when others ZAG -- in life & business.

And how did this come to be?

As an HSP, Creative & Intuitive Multi-Passionate, my expertise and experience has a rich history. I was a long-time creative professional (illustrator, web & graphic designer), then became a creative & brand director, then a start-up co-founder of an online/offline social game for good where I headed the creative, brand story and community experience departments, before launching this business in 2014.

It was then that I experienced first hand the off-road adventure of going after creating your thing — alone.

It was exhilarating, exciting, confusing and… overwhelming!

The jumble of how-to’s and should-do’s handed down by the online marketing guru’s was hard-hitting and non-empathy based, which (as an energetically sensitive, intuitive, magical misfit type) was where that confusion and overwhelm came in.

Pulling upon my varied background (and my tendency to ZIG when others ZAG), I decided to set up shop in a completely different way. Harnessing everything I knew about creating intentional and empathy-based brand cultures & rich community experiences that were in alignment with the founder and a delight for the customer.

And that’s how it came to be that I started working with the others like me helping them build their businesses THEIR WAY. Not my way, their way in complete alignment with their magical misfit ways. 

And that dear one is what I most want for you...


All the way :^)

If that’s what you want too, and are curious to find out what that might look like – there are 2 ways to reach out :)


A name that needs explaining…

Hélène is French (as am I), so the H is silent (confusing, I know)

For now, forget how it’s spelled, and try this:

Pronounce it like the two initials L.N.

Then say it fluidly, without pausing between the letters. Give it a shot and we can refine when we meet (which I’m very much looking forward to!).

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