The StoryBoard

A framework that helps you

Ensure your suite of offerings meets your clients exactly where they’re at, making it clear and easy to say YES to.

Create customized & highly brand aligned StoryArcs for each of your marketing campaigns (big or small).

Know what to post when, on your platform of choice.

Craft email sequences that are highly compelling to the very people you most want to click (to find out more).

Confidently position your brand, business and offerings in a way that connects with your ‘perfect-fit’ clients.

The StoryBoard Effect is delivered in a 5-week group program with two (chose your own adventure) options...

OPTION ONE :: Launching or Validating a Specific Offer

Choose Adventure ONE if you…

1) have a new offer and you want to validate it (making sure it’s in alignment with your clients core need/desire).

2) have an offer that’s been validated and you’re now ready to create a compelling (and relevant to your ideal clients) marketing-story campaign for it’s next launch.

OPTION TWO :: Overarching Marketing Story via Suite of Offers

Choose Adventure TWO if you…

have existing offers, but you’re not experiencing the numbers you desire in your business. 

We’ll look at your suite of offers to find any gaps, and focus on your above water-line marketing story to ensure potential clients are clear on what you do, making it easy to say YES to working with you.

Although you’ll need to choose one of the options for our time together, you’ll have access to BOTH adventure materials to use afterwards.

Week 1 begins the same

The Characters

In week one you’ll dive into the three main characters of your brand: The Creator, The Creation and The Customer. Clarifying their individual roles and aligned relationships to one another is a critical ingredient in an empathy based brand and relevant business.

Weeks 2 & 3 vary based on which adventure you choose...

Setting & Conflict (week 2)

Adventure ONE :: Specific Offer

In Adventure One, the setting is your offer and the conflict is where your clients are at in their struggle. A common trap is to confuse your messaging with too many settings, and to add additional conflicts that aren’t an exact match to where you’re people are at, right now (their micro-conflict).

The focus will be getting very clear what this offer is (and isn’t), and ensuring it’s a tight match to your clients core need/desire and where they’re at on their journey. 

Adventure TWO :: Suite of Offers

In Adventure Two, the setting becomes your pathways (how people travel from your website and marketing channels, to becoming a customer along a pathway of offerings). We’ll look at the macro view to identify any gaps or confusion, and then zero in on your above water-line path (what new people first experience).

During this week you’ll also identify which conflicts your characters face (their macro-conflicts), making sure they match directly to your full pathway of offerings.

Resolution & StoryArc (week 3)

Adventure ONE :: Specific Offer

In Adventure One, the resolution is your unique and specific solution to their micro-conflict. A common misstep (because of your deep knowledge and passion on what you do), is to overwhelm potential clients with, when they only need help with one right nowthe rest comes later (your offer pathway).

The focus then will be on identifying which of your resolutions match up to your clients current conflict.

With the StoryArc, you pull it all together in a compelling marketing-story campaign for your next launch (email sequences, social media posts, etc).

Adventure TWO :: Suite of Offers

In Adventure Two,  you’ll dive into how match to their macro-conflict. It’s this birds eye view approach where the ‘tightening’ takes place within your overall messaging and positioning (how they see themselves within your solutions and what makes them decide you’re the one for them), creating a compelling StoryArc that reaches across your entire suite of offers.

The Low Down

We’ll meet October 21st – November 22nd

Weeks 1 – 3
StoryBoard Effect materials and Q&A/Coaching Calls
the video trainings & worksheets 
will go live on the Mondays, calls will happen on the Wednesdays

Weeks 4-5
implementation & integration support
plus one more group Q&A/Coaching Call in week 5


The Group Calls (4 total)
Wednesdays 11am-12pm PST
(Oct 23rd & 30th, Nov 6th & 20th)

We’ll gather within a private Facebook Group for the 5 weeks to round out the full support experience

After that, you’ll have unlimited access to all videos, call recordings and resources on a membership platform

If you’re unable to make a live call, you can submit your questions beforehand to be answered on the call (recordings will be posted later the same day)… and of course, you can ask questions within the group at any time.

We begin October 21st

Registration is now closed

Next Round begins January 2020

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The StoryBoard Effect™ is a rinse-and-repeat framework to help create compelling brand stories for your overall business as well as each of your offerings, that connect deeply and directly with your ideal clients.


It’s SOUL PURPOSE is to help you banish the (all too prevalent) confusion of too many words, extraneous ideas and scattered paths within your messaging and marketing. 

When launching a new idea, project, product or offer, you want a spotlight on the path making it easy for your ideal customer to follow… The StoryBoard Effect helps you craft that path and provides that light.

Hélène Scott

Brand Story Strategist

25+ years in the branding space (as print and web designer, creative director, strategist and coach)

Intuitive. Optimist. Creative. Mom.

Also… a lover of Poofy Clouds, Big Trees,
Stinky Cheese (and Chocolate)