One Part Creative Process School

One Part Get UnStuck ZAP!

One Part Serendipity Generator


A Monthly Call resulting in a Zeitgeist of Creativity, Clarity & Serendipity

For Intuitive Biz Builders. The Dreamers, Healers and Creatives who see things differently & feel things deeply.

The Magical Misfits who ZIG when others ZAG -- in life & business.

One part Creative Process Playground
I’ll open every call with a short teaching/pondering/musing about the creative process from the standpoint of a professional creator building a personal brand business.

One Part Get UnStuck ZAP!
Each call will have an open ZAP!seat Q&A allowing members to ask questions and get immediate responses. We’ll untangle the specific quandary that’s keeping you stuck and with fierce compassion & ruthless devotion… ZAP! you out of it. If you can’t make a call you’ll be able to submit questions and all calls will be recorded for replay ease.

One Part Serendipity Generator
FACT: When a like-minded/hearted/soul group comes together, the cadence of conversation and specific questions asked always provide the answer, epiphany, or idea — that each individual was seeking — regardless of topic, who asked the question, or whether they knew they were seeking it ;)

That's the magic of theMonthlyMuse Call. Answers, momentum, serendipity, belly laughs & sweet sweet clarity on the last Tuesday of each month.

All for just $22 a month!

PLUS, one tree is planted for each month you’re a member!


The calls are on the last Tuesday of each month

  • We begin at 10:30am PST // 1:30pm EST
  • They’re 60-90 minutes long
  • We gather on ZOOM giving you the option of video participation (my preference so I can see you!) or calling in via phone when that’s best for you.
  • Each call is recorded with a replay available within 24hours.
Upcoming Calls: July 27th, August 31st, September 28th

There’s an easy to use question form that you’ll have access to once you join.

Curious what types of questions you can ask?
Any question regarding your business, brand, messaging, offerings, creative process, where you’re feeling stuck, outside challenges affecting your creative project, how to decide with so many options… in other words BRING IT :) with my 20+ years of experience as a Magical Misfit MultiPassionate who’s been a creative professional, a coach, mentor and business builder, no question is off limits (and if I can’t answer, I’ll point you in the direction I think will help you most).

There is no additional group gathering platform.
I wanted to create a low cost, high impact offering with direct access to me in a live setting that was sublimely easy to participate in. 

Our only gathering space will be in real-time on Zoom where we’ll come together to connect once a month. Simply show up live to give, receive, listen and play with your fellow like-hearted & soulful humans!

Yes. The replay will be sent out within 24hrs of the call. 

To keep the energy clean and the vibe high theMonthlyMuse is set up as an auto-pay monthly membership that you can easily cancel at anytime.

This ensures that all the magnificent souls within theMonthlyMuse container truly want to be there and no one feels “stuck” in something that’s not the right fit.

In other words…
You can try for one month, and leave if it’s not your jam. No hassle. No push. All love!

Located in theMonthlyMuse Guide (that you’ll have access to after joining) is a very clear and easy to find set of directions on how to cancel without having to contact anyone.

Because of the Month-to-Month nature and the ease of cancellation, there are no refunds.

1️⃣ You’ll land on the Welcome! page confirming you’re in.
2️⃣ Your welcome email (with everything you need to know, links to add to your calendar, etc) will zip through lightrays on its way to you within 15min. If you don’t receive it, please reach out using the email below.
3️⃣ I’ll perform a little jig in celebration and anticipation of seeing you on your first call.
email to use: Helene @ (url of this website) .com

Listen to a segment from the call: Experimentation, Perfection & Vulnerability

I can't wait to see you on the FlipSide Dear One!

Questions that need answering?
email me at Helene @ (the url of this website) .com


Why Choose Me?

As an HSP, Creative & Intuitive Multi-Passionate, my expertise and experience has a rich history. I was a long-time creative professional (illustrator, web & graphic designer), then became a creative & brand director, then a start-up co-founder of an online/offline social game for good where I headed the creative, brand story and community experience departments, before launching this business in 2014.

It was then that I experienced first hand the off-road adventure of going after creating your thing — on your own.

It was exhilarating, exciting, confusing and… overwhelming!

The jumble of how-to’s and should-do’s handed down by the online marketing guru’s was hard-hitting and non-empathy based which (as an HSP, intuitive, magical misfit type) was where that confusion and overwhelm came in.

Pulling upon my varied background (and my tendency to ZIG when others ZAG), I decided to set up shop in a completely different way. Harnessing everything I knew about creating intentional and empathy-based brand cultures & rich community experiences that were in alignment with the founder and a complete delight for the customer.

And that’s how it came to be that I started working with the others like me, to help them build their businesses THEIR WAY. Not my way, their way… in complete alignment with their magical misfit ways. 

That Dear One is what I most want for you, and is a magical side-effect of theMonthlyMuse Calls.

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