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BOP 009: The exquisite role of DOUBT in your Business (how to embrace & use as fuel)

Do you view doubt in your business as a bad thing? As an Entrepreneur you have zero assurances. You have no idea whether your idea will work, or not. So you leap with your vision as fuel. A thrilling, highly charged, empowering and creative place to be… that will always be accompanied by doubt.  Luckily, how you decide to […]

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The PROPER care (+feeding) of New Ideas

You’re an entrepreneur, new ideas are hatchin’ all the time so for Mr. Rogers sake don’t squash em’ before they’ve even had a chance! Recap + additional thoughts around the proper care (+feeding) of new ideas Watch out for the tendency to categorize and immediately make your new ideas into a ‘thing’ before they’ve had […]

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An Unexpected Ally

I wanted to quickly take this opportunity to formally introduce you to Ms. Saboteur. I think you two may have gotten off on the wrong foot? First, as unlikely as it may seem… she’s here to help. In fact, you may not have a more tenacious ‘has your back’ ally, than Ms. Saboteur. Yes, her […]

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Study YOUR process + trust in YOUR BRILLIANCE

The creative process is a wily little beast. As online business builders we’re faced with lots of creative projects. We’ve got the big ol’ macro project that is our business, as well as the micro day-to-day projects of: writing blog posts, creating offers, landing pages, opt-ins, etc. The planned (+ unplanned) steps to completion — […]

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