Email: helene @ (the url of this website) .com
Best for asking clarifying questions or collaboration inquiries.

20min Chat: Shall we Dance Call?
Pretty sure you’d like to work together and prefer the idea of talking through what that might look like? Different from a sales call, the goal is to get clear on the support you’re looking for and determine if we’re the right fit for each other. 

Hélène Scott

Biz Alignment Mentor, Thinking Partner & Consultant helping HSP & Intuitive Women Biz Builders (the dreamers, the healers, the creatives) navigate & thrive in the loud world of online business building in complete honoring of their magical ways.


Intuitive. Optimist. Creative. Mom. HSP. INFJ. Lover of Poofy Clouds, Big Trees,
Stinky Cheese (and Chocolate)

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