In daring pursuit of your most courageous work?

I see you audacious


What you're doing matters.
And it is my undeniable mission and honor to support you in your exquisite daring.

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Looking for a no-nonsense thinking partner who's soulful, tactical, strategic, and magical?

Who GETS you, cares deeply, and is fiercely devoted to YOU and YOUR VISION?

You Dear One, are in the exact right place! ✨👇✨

Hélène here…
Thinking Partner and Consultant for Intuitive Women Biz Builders. The Dreamers, Healers & Creatives. who feel things deeply and see things differently. The Magical Misfits who ZIG when others ZAG, in life and business! You? Read on :)

A few things my clients and I have recently celebrated...

✨ A business model & delivery process was reStructured to work less hours due to family obligations and NOT lose any income (happy side effect – she’s making more money due to the efficiency).

✨ A new Podcast was named! Along with tagline & clear positioning for the launch.

✨ Dots were connected and a through-line found from what seemed like 3 different business ideas allowing my client to move forward with one clearly positioned business that incorporates all 3 ideas.

✨ A personal outreach (multi-touchpoint) communication plan was crafted to tell existing clients about a raise in rates (BONUS! they all reSigned at the new rate).

Thinking Partner

the ZAP!

1 hour of Technicolor MAGIC to get you Unstuck, Clear & Fueled on your next steps. We’ll untangle the specific quandary that’s in your way and with fierce compassion & ruthless devotion… ZAP! you out of it.
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3 month Container with me by your side in a Creative, Collaborative, Magical Swirl of Clarity, Alignment & Focus.

Got a ‘thing’ you’re spinning on that’s got you a bit overwhelmed, and realize you’d rather find the path forward faster in partnership & belly laughs instead of alone?
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pssst… 11 trees are planted per ZAP or INQUIRY session!
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TheMonthlyMuse Call is a Creative Zeitgeist, a Serendipity Generator, a GetUnstuck ZAP! It’s low-cost, high-impact, magical and fun. Click to find out more.

Quarterly Calibration Retreat (virtual)
In one day (alongside fellow biz owners and me by your side) craft a customized quarterly biz plan that honors you, your lifestyle and business model. Expect clarity, belly laughs and a quarterly plan designed to FUEL your DARING! Find out more.


Brand Ethos & Realm Creation
Create an unparalleled experience where your people feel truly seen and heard. Where they’re excited to participate, know they’re in the exact right place, feel they matter, and delight at how well taken care of they are. If you want to create an unexpected brand experience for your people, Connect with me here (either send an email or schedule a chat on zoom).


From Brand Positioning & Messaging, to Signature Offer Creation & Brand Story Development Peruse the Courses here.

client love...

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The goal for the chat is to discover if we’re a good fit.
It is NOT a sales call!

Have a question? Contact Me.

I see you



Hélène Scott

Biz Alignment Mentor
helping HSP & Intuitive Women Biz Builders (the dreamers, the healers, the creatives) navigate and thrive in the loud world of business building in complete honoring of their Magical Misfit ways.


Intuitive. Optimist. Creative. Mom. HSP. INFJ. Lover of Poofy Clouds, Big Trees,
Stinky Cheese (and Chocolate)

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