Hi, I'm Hélène.

Art Maker. Biz Builder. Day Dreamer.
Quick to Laugh. Lover of Stinky Cheese, Big Trees, Poofy Clouds (& Chocolate).

I’ve been a creative & business professional for over 25 years, starting as a visual artist and graphic designer, adding in web and user experience design, then moving into creative and brand director roles within design firms & start-ups.
Recent Pastfounder of BrandOnPurpose, an online business & brand strategy coaching business, working with service based businesses and creative entrepreneurs.
Presently, working deeply with a few small business owners focusing on brand alignment, delightful customer experiences, course creation, and business growth strategies.
Previously, co-founder & creative director of BoomBoom! Revolution; creative director & lead designer of The Boomerang Project; and lead designer within various small businesses, start-ups and agencies.


In my consulting realm, my expertise lies at the intersection between business development, brand strategy, marketing, design, and the customer journey. I help my clients develop and deliver innovative programs, products, and experiences that delight their customers, and increase their bottom line. 
In my artistic realm, I’m going after a long held dream of becoming a working artist. Learn more about that here.


If you’d like to connect about my consulting, hop on over here.


A name that needs explaining…

Hélène is French (as am I),
so the H is silent.

For now, forget how it’s spelled, and try this:

Pronounce it like the two initials L.N.

Then say it fluidly, without pausing between the letters. Give it a shot and we can refine when we connect (which I’m very much looking forward to!).

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