Hi, I'm Hélène.

Art Maker. Biz Builder. Day Dreamer.
Quick to Laugh. Lover of Stinky Cheese, Big Trees, Poofy Clouds (& Chocolate).

I’ve been a creative & business professional for over 25 years, starting as a visual artist and graphic designer, adding in web design, then moving into creative and brand director roles within design firms & start-ups.
Recent Pastfounder of BrandOnPurpose, an online business & brand strategy coaching business, working with service based businesses and creative entrepreneurs.
Presently, painting & selling my art; working deeply with a few small business owners focusing on brand alignment, customer experience, and business growth strategies.
Previously, co-founder & creative director of BoomBoom! Revolution; creative director & lead designer of The Boomerang Project; and lead designer within various small businesses, start-ups and agencies.


In my consulting realm, my expertise lies at the intersection between business development, brand strategy, marketing, design, and the customer journey. I help my clients develop and deliver innovative programs, products, and experiences that delight their customers, and increase their bottom line. 
In my artistic realm, I’m going after a long held dream of becoming a professional artist. Learn more about that here.


After closing the doors to my last business, I took a much needed break from social media. I’m jussst beginning to re-engage :)

You can find me on Instagram, and am active(ish) on Facebook. Which ever platform is your gig, message me to say Hi!

If you’d like to connect about my art or consulting, connect with me here.


A name that needs explaining…

Hélène is French (as am I),
so the H is silent.

For now, forget how it’s spelled, and try this:

Pronounce it like the two initials L.N.

Then say it fluidly, without pausing between the letters. Give it a shot and we can refine when we connect (which I’m very much looking forward to!).

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