For a long time I've been helping people go after their thing.

That idea, that vision, that dream.

And although my career as a creative business professional has left a winding trail of taking chances, building and creating. 

I hadn’t gone after my BIG THING.

The dream of becoming a working artist.

To create daily with paint. To get lost in the creation moment. To have my own studio space. 

Now, here I am.
Grateful. Giddy. Grinning.

And here you are, curious to learn more.
Truly, I can’t express how honored I am by that fact.

About my Art

I’m a colorist whose subject tends towards landscapes with a hint of an urban feel.

Although my ‘style’ is evolving, it likes to hang out at the crossroads of figurative, abstract & expressionism. You’ll likely know what you’re looking at, however the colors and shapes will tend towards the unreal and whimsical.

My phone is filled with snapshots of everyday sightings that caught my attention. My paintings often pull from those as inspiration, however they’re never exact representations.

Ultimately I hope my wonder & awe of the beauty that surrounds us, shows up in my work as an invitation to pause, notice and take delight in what surrounds your everyday.

How to Purchase

My work is periodically available at Stripe in Santa Cruz, CA, and will happily hand deliver within the Bay Area. If you see a piece that you’re interested in, drop me a note and we’ll take it from there. 

Thank you for being here, it means the world!

Hélène Scott

Art Maker. Biz Builder. Day Dreamer.
Quick to Laugh. Lover of Stinky Cheese, Big Trees, Poofy Clouds (& Chocolate).

And, a person with a name that needs explaining…

Hélène is French (as am I), so the H is silent.

For now, forget how it’s spelled, and try this:

Pronounce it like the two initials L.N.

Then say it fluidly, without pausing between the letters. Give it a shot and we can refine when we meet (which I’m very much looking forward to!).

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